'Super Star' Handmade Drop Earrings
'Super Star' Handmade Drop Earrings
'Super Star' Handmade Drop Earrings

'Super Star' Handmade Drop Earrings

Length: 6 cm
Width: 3 cm

resin, architectural model, sliver plating posts, sequins

Care instructions:

Use body lotion to wipe the surface of accessories to get a clean look.


See what's inside? Small people from architectural mode!

You will not feel alone if you wear this theme earring!

You can give the story behind the earrings based on your imagination! FunkyFunyou instead selling stories than jewellers!

The earrings are default set on silver plating posts.

However, you can choose surgical steel posts if you have sensitive ears which are vulnerable to get allergic. Besides, we provide you with 'clip on' earrings if you do not have earrings holes. Please add a note on the stage of payment - if you need surgical steel posts or clips.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of our collection, we unable to reproduce the exact colour and pattern which makes this piece truly unique.

Please note that minor imperfections such as small bubbles and slight scratches may occur. It adds to the character and uniqueness of the piece and does not take away from the overall quality or beauty.

*We design and handmade this pair in Melbourne

*Please read the Return & Refund Policy before you make the payment. Once you purchase from FunkyFunYou, you agree with the store policy.