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Have you always loved unique earrings and want to make your own funky designs? Come to join our workshop! 



Stylish Earring DIY Kit

Earring DIY kit

The themes are (Click pics above to shop): 

Food 🍔
Playground 🎈
Ocean 🌊
Neon Lights 🌃
Flowers 🌻
Wood 🍂

These earring kits include:
- Handmade resin earring components
- Laser-cut acrylics or wood earring charms
- Little people & Miniature foods
- Sequins & Beads
- Tassels & Pompoms
- Earring findings
- Tools: Plier & superglue & Gloves


Resin Earring DIY Kit 


Handmade Video 

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