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FunkyFunYou is an accessories brand like no other.

All pieces are made by hand, and designed for the those who want to stand out from the crowd, 
with striking accessories that will dazzle any room. FunkyFunYou believes style shouldn't be taken too seriously.
Their unique accessories reflect this sentiment, through playful, colourful and fun designs. 

Keep social distance

Stop handshakes, hugs or kisses... Keep social distance BUT stay together! ⁠

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Keep social distance

Distance makes the heart grow fonder! While your favourite people may be far away, it doesn't mean you can't stay connected. Remain close, while staying two metres apart!

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Surprise me bag

Workshop earrings

We have been lucky enough to have some of you participate in our creative workshops in the past. However, we decided to hold off hosting any workshops for the following months. Instead, we are using workshop materials to make fresh, funky designs!

only $15 each

These items are part of our 'Surprise Me Bag' series! Usually valued at $30 - $45 each, all earrings in the 'Surprise Me Bag' will only be $15 each now. Please notice, everyone can only purchase one random earrings from Surprise Me Bag  . 

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