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FunkyFunYou is an accessories brand like no other.

All resin pieces are made by hand, and designed for the those who want to stand out from the crowd, with striking accessories that will dazzle any room. FunkyFunYou believes style shouldn't be taken too seriously. Their unique accessories reflect this sentiment, through playful, colourful and fun designs. 

Due to delays related to Australia Post, the delivery system isn't fully functioning at the moment.  You may need to wait a bit longer for receiving your parcel. Thank you for your understanding. 

Keep social distance

Stop handshakes, hugs or kisses... Keep social distance BUT stay together! ⁠ Distance makes the heart grow fonder! While your favourite people may be far away, it doesn't mean you can't stay connected. Remain close, while staying two metres apart!

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Unity, peace and love is what the world needs 🕊️ Our products are made to reflect positivity and fun, and we always aim to represent everyone through our work (to the best of our ability). FunkyFunYou products are for everyone, everywhere!

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