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Organic Kaleidoscope Resin Tray Home Decor Display

The Story Behind the Creation

After a productive stretch of crafting DIY kits and earrings in our studio, we found ourselves with an abundance of acrylic off-cuts. Rather than letting these vibrant pieces go to waste, we embarked on a journey to give them a second life. The result is something both meaningful and beautiful — our Organic Acrylic Resin Trays.

About the Tray

Every tray we create offers a delightful blend of colors that dance together to form intricate designs. Choose from three breathtaking combinations.

We use custom mould to layer these colorful acrylic bits and then mix them with high-quality epoxy resin. This results in each tray being a swirling dance of colors that transform any space they adorn. Each tray is a testament to our commitment to upcycling and sustainable living.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 200x200mm
  • Materials: Leftover Acrylic, Premium Epoxy Resin
  • Weight: Approx. 210g

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