About us


FunkyFunYou was established in July 2017 by Simona & Amy, two young and creative girls from RMIT.

FunkyFunYou is a funky, unique and handmade accessories brand, designed for the girl who wants to stand out from the crowd and wear an eye-catching accessory in any room. It’s a style that takes nothing too seriously, constantly playing with ideas to produce stylish accessories. The materials we use in creating our accessories, such as children toys, threads, applique embroidery and resin, are made for people with a sense of humour and a fun attitude. It also aims to bring happiness and joy to its customers rather than just being another fashion brand.

Simona majored in Master of Fashion Entrepreneurship. The initial idea of FunkyFunYou came from the surprising amount of compliments she received from strangers on the street regarding her unique earrings and styles. Simona’s interest encouraged her to create a brand that could satisfy those who are looking for something unique. 

Amy was a Master of Media student, who is also experienced in design and video production. Like Simona, she is keen to put her passion and skills into practice, which is to build a label that truly represents herself. She aims to deliver the brand concept by doing fun designs and producing compelling visual content. 

Both Simona and Amy feel lucky and grateful to be supported by their family, mentors, and friends, which motivates them to build on their achievements.