About us

FunkyFunYou is a creative brand, but it is also so much more. FunkyFunYou creates not only products, but a way of thinking and living. Funky living is playful, youthful and sparks creativity. It's a lifestyle that champions difference, and supports individuality.

How did FunkyFunYou come to be?

We (Amy and Simona) met while studying in Melbourne in 2017. We quickly bonded over a love of art and design, with a particular passion for unique accessories.

We struggled to find accessories that represented us, and our style, so made our own! FunkyFunYou was born when started by making a tiny range of handmade earrings, and slowly our funky accessories dreams come to life. We attended local markets around Melbourne, and the interest in FunkyFunYou grew. Soon enough, FunkyFunYou was more than just accessories; it became a lifestyle!

Now, three years on, the our team has grown, with a small studio of three creative women in Melbourne, as well as a studio of one in China. We are always looking to grow and adapt with the world around us, and extend our product line as we go.


Amy is a driving force behind the FunkyFunYou brand identity, using her skills and knowledge to create compelling visual content. She directs the Melbourne team, and working on marketing and business strategies.

Simona always has been one to experiment with fashion and style, especially designing unique accessories and jewellery. Currently located in China, where she has her own studio, communicates directly with suppliers.

Anna is a freelance illustrator, designer and copyrighter, and she was immediately was drawn to the FunkyFunYou brand philosophy. Workshops and markets are her forte, so you're likely to see her behind a stall of in front of a class!
Hema is our E-commerce & marketing coordinator, who takes care of the back-end of our multiple sites. She is always very organised and more than happy to answer any questions from our customers in a patient and friendly manner.

What’s our inspiration?

We are inspired by the creativity of daily life, and the multicultural lifestyle we live in Melbourne. Local artists are constant source of inspiration for us, and we value the mutual support within the creative community of Melbourne. So much so, that our ultimate goal is to develop a funky community of our own, through collaboration and the uplifting of others. The art of craft inspires us; we think that everyone has the capacity to be creative, and craft gives everyone the ability to be an artist. - (Though our DIY kits and workshops, we hope the encourage the unleashing of everyone's potential!)

What’s our mission?

We aim to create a safe and accepting space for people express themselves creatively - we believe art is for everyone, and we would like to establish a like-minded funky community. On this note, we are small female-run business, and we aim to support small businesses run by females and minorities. We strive to minimise waste, through the recycling of products and small-scale production.

How are our products made?

We have two small studios that we work from. Our Melbourne studio in Brunswick West is made up of three people (Amy, Anna and Hema), and our little studio in China is made up of only one person (Simona). It is in both of these studios that we design and make our products by hand. In order to find our raw materials, we work hard to find the best, most reliable sources in Australia and China. We value being open about our making process, and responsible production is important to us.