About us

FunkyFunYou is a handmade earring brand, but it is also so much more. FunkyFunYou creates not only jewellery, but a way of thinking and living. Funky living is playful, youthful and sparks creativity. It's a lifestyle that champions difference, and supports individuality.

The founder Amy‘s background in landscape architecture and media informs her design process through vibrant colours, creation of miniature art and a funky perspective of what jewellery can be.  

Each FunkyFunYou product possesses a tiny fantasy world of its own, carrying a meaning with no boundaries, travelling across memories, timelessly, from the past, for the present and into the future.


Amy is a driving force behind the FunkyFunYou brand identity, using her skills and knowledge to create compelling visual content. She directs the team, and working on marketing and content  strategies.

Simona is maker & stylist. She always has been one to experiment with fashion and style, especially designing unique accessories and jewellery. 

Anna is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, and she was immediately was drawn to the FunkyFunYou brand philosophy. Workshops and markets are her forte, so you're likely to see her behind a stall of in front of a class!
Alison is our warehouse manager, who takes care of the back-end of our multiple sites. She is always very organised and more than happy to answer any questions from our customers in a patient and friendly manner.

What’s our inspiration?

  • We influence each other

All of the FunkyFunYou team members have different skills, interests and backgrounds. This means that we can learn from each other and inspire each other. For example, one of our first designs was our 'Friendship' earrings, which feature miniature figurines that Amy used for making models while studying Landscape Architecture.

  • Our creative and crafty audience

Our customers seemed to be very like-minded, with a keen interest in the craft and funky designs. So, we decided to host jewellery making workshops. The best part was meeting a really fun new group of people every class, and we were inspired by their work every time. When the pandemic hit, restrictions prevented us from hosting any workshops, so we released a series of DIY earring making kits. These brought our workshops to all the crafty lovers stuck at home!

  • New technology and materials

We're obsessed with searching for new materials and trying new technologies and craft techniques. We love to combine multiple materials (such as resin, clay, acrylic) together, and we constantly aim to explore new way of creating earrings, necklaces, DIY kits, homewares and more!


How are our products made?

  • FunkyFunYou Accessories

All FunkyFunYou products are created by us. We have two small studios that we work from, where we design and handmade our products. In order to find our funky raw materials, we work hard to find the best, most reliable sources. We value being open about our making process, and responsible production is important to us.

  • DIY kits & Materials for the workshop

We also utilise these suppliers when finding and creating the very best materials for our workshops and DIY kits. This includes acrylic pieces, metal findings and tools. We strive to minimise waste, and if we have any leftover pieces, they are used in our earring-making workshops.