Workshop Information

Make some art that you can wear! FunkyFunyou teaches you how to create your own colourful resin accessories. We’ve had three extraordinary workshops so far -- every participant was extremely satisfied with the whole process.

Every workshop is different. We mainly provide two types of workshop randomly.

(1) One day session
You’ll get a brief explanation of how to use resin to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. However, we will not demonstrate or teach you to pour the resin into various resin moulds. Instead, we will provide singe resin components (we handmade and prepare those for you in advance) and teach you how to make them into beautiful & wearable accessories creatively!

(2) Two days session
You will learn how to design and create unique accessories from scratch.
DAY 1 - We will teach and inspire you to design your own one-of-a-kind earrings which could show your personality, experience or emotions, etc. Based on your design, you need to fulfill the resin moulds with various fillings, such as architectural models, paintings, sequins, shell papers and so on. We will provide all kinds of fillings which can fit in resin and you can just play and enjoy! In the following step, we will teach you to make resin and pour it into the molds and wait 24 hours for drying.
DAY 2 - After 24 hours, the resin becomes dry. We will teach and help you to polish, drill holes and connect the single elements into earrings, key rings, necklace or other accessories!

We will update any upcoming workshop information on the website and social media channels. Please keep eyes on Instagram and sign up the newsletter if you are interested!

3RD WORKSHOP - 24/3/2019



 2ND WORKSHOP - 22/12/2018


1ST WORKSHOP - 8/12/2018