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This kit brings our acrylic jewellery-making workshop to you!

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to attend a jewellery-making workshop, but it hasn’t been possible due to distance and time… Or maybe you’ve wanted to expand on your craft skills and try something totally fun and new.

This kit has everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) you need to make the acrylic earrings of your dreams. With nearly 100 pieces in one kit, this is our acrylic earring-making workshop in one box.

Did we mention that all of the acrylic charms are handmade in our Adelaide studio? Yep! All pieces are designed by us and made with our laser cutting machine.

So how is this kit different from the others, you ask?

Well, to put it simply, there are more charms and more options when it comes to the look of your finished earrings! When making this kit, we deconstructed the design of the earring into three parts - the main charm, the little extra charms, and the charm connecting to your ear (’big’, ‘medium’ and ‘small’ charms).

Each kit includes 16 ‘big’ charms, 20 ‘medium’ charms, and 60 ‘small’ charms. So when combined, the creative options are endless! You can make up to at least 8 pairs of earrings from each kit and up to hundred of different designs!

This kit comes in two different variations(Look 1 here), each with a slightly different look and colour palette. 

This kit includes:

- Laser-cut Acrylic Pieces 95+
- Earring Findings (enough for making 8-10 pairs)
- Little figurines + Beads + Sequins
- Earring cards*3
- Acrylic pens*2 (random color)
- Instructions

Essential add-on tools:

- Hand Drill + Drill Bits*5
- Plier
- Jumpring opener
- Superglue + finger Cots

Other tools: 

If you would like to achieve a more delicate and smooth fine finish, we would suggest you use UV resin to glue the earring posts and other elements (Link here).

Most charms only have 1-2 holes on them, and if you want to connect them in your own way, we strongly advise you to have a hand drill on hand. Or you can purchase an electrical drill set here.


we will always provide you with a few extra than the quantities specified in the description. If we accidentally leave one or two small pieces out of your kit, we can only include it in your next order rather than reissue it. Please also note that some small bits may be laser-cut in a different colours and shapes.